How to Boost Your Organic Page Traffic

Apart from checking your current SEO ranking and defining your keyword list, there are many other SEO practices that have come in handy for me. They include these smart practices that I will list in this post.

Optimizing Page Titles

To optimize your page tiles in the best way, you need to optimize the title tags. The simplest way to optimize the title tags is this. First, include your keyword in the title and then go ahead to describe what the page is all about.

When describing what your page entails, make sure that you try as much to remain more specific. However, make the description as engaging as you can.

When you do this, you widen the search net. You give search engine bots a wider area to throw their net and rank you in the process. Here are the best ingredients for a high ranking SEO title tag.

  • It should be rich in Keyword
  • It must be concise
  • It should attract/captivate/entice
  • It should be natural

Giving Your Meta a Boost

Well, you must be wondering why. The truth is meta descriptions aren’t direct ranking factors. However, it is a lead that triggers the perfect search. If well written, that small snippet will maximize your click-through-rate.

The more clicks you get, the more authority your website amasses. This means that you will rank better for certain keywords. Eventually, you will have more organic traffic, better SERPs, and a more eye-catching touch for visitors.

Here are tips for a better meta:

  • Make it unique
  • Use the best ranking keywords in it
  • And keep it around 160 characters

Make Good Use of Alt Tags

When creating a blog or web through an open-source platform, you will often use alt-tags. These are “ideal alternate texts” and will often relate to your images.

This tag is very important. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay so much attention to it since they don’t see it on the web page. Even so, the bots will find it and it plays a crucial role in boosting your page ranking.

It is, therefore, important to ensure that you choose your alt-tags wisely and that you make good use of them. Here is the reason why screen readers for visually impaired use title tags.

To get the best title tags in place, here is what you should do.

  • Keep the text short and under sixty words
  • Mention the page’s topic in the alt-tags description
  • Don’t stuff your alt tag with the keywords

Focus on the URL Structure

Many people have been deceived that longer URLs will give better results. Not necessarily. While Google can process longer URLs easily and perfectly, shorter URLs of under 100 words are better. They have lesser mistakes – anything below 60 is preferable.

Final Verdict

Finally, like any top experienced SEO company will tell you, play around with your anchor text. Anchor texts help search engine bots to understand what the page being linked is about. Mixing up anchor texts gives a wider scope.